Merges a custom translation file with blank.ptlang from a new version of PopTray.


ptlangmix my.ptlang [blank.ptlang] > new.ptlang

where my.ptlang is your current translation file, blank.ptlang is the file with current version's messages (optional), and new.ptlang is the generated translation file, that you can edit to complete and then use it to replace my.ptlang.

Please note that all messages without a translation will be pointed by inserting a previous line with the message "#NEW:", and all messages that have a translation in your current file but are not defined in new blank file, will be moved to the end of the file with a message to delimit them.


Written in perl language (requires perl interpreter v4 or later).

This tool is used to maintain Spanish (Chile).ptlang.


This is version 0.2, available since 2003-10-10.
Plain perl (for unix/linux. Change first line to locate the interpreter)
Win32 perl (with headers to be run in Windows CMD with perl in PATH)

(c) 2003 Victor Parada